Why MoreDiversity

Diversity is a term that has been used more and more frequently lately. But what does diversity actually mean, why is it so important and how can it be implemented? If these questions are on your mind, you’ve come to the right place!

But first, we would like to introduce ourselves to you, so that you know who we are and what we do. MoreDiversity is a non-profit organization that works for social change and more diversity. Our goal is to break down old role models and prejudices in order to promote a more equitable society. We want to create a society in which power structures based on discrimination and unequal treatment are challenged and overcome. From the kindergarten to the boardroom, from politics to business – we want to encourage people at all levels of society to broaden their perspective so that our vision of a diverse society becomes a reality.

Why diversity is so important

All people should be able to decide freely how they want to live – whether they want to pursue a career or not, have a family or not: they should be able to make these decisions regardless of gender, origin, disability, sexual orientation or age. This requires, among other things, quotas, equal care, flexible working time models, investments in education and social services. But each individual can also contribute to more diversity: by being open to other views and ideas and having the courage to try out new things and overcome old ones.

A diverse society brings many advantages. Complex problems can be tackled more easily if more perspectives are included in their solution. Only when all voices are heard does a broad basis for social discussion emerge. This benefits the economy, society and each individual. Companies that focus on diversity are more successful*; the more equitable a society, the more trust people have in each other, and social divisions decrease. However, we are still a long way from real equality of opportunity and representation: educational success in Germany is still strongly dependent on the parental home; in comparison with other Western countries, there are still few women on management boards in Germany.


Source: *https://www.mckinsey.com/de/news/presse/neue-studie-belegt-zusammenhang-zwischen-diversitat-und-geschaftserfolg

“Whether it’s demographic change, poverty, or global migration, to address these complex challenges, we must embrace diversity, confront the issues, and develop solutions together.”

The path to more diversity ...

… must start with each and every one of us – in our private interactions or in our professional contexts: If we set society in motion at the most diverse corners and ends, we can change something today and do not have to wait until political decisions are made. We can free ourselves from old patterns and acknowledge other people’s perspectives. We can learn to listen better and be more open to the unknown. More diversity can only come through active dialogue, and that’s where we at MoreDiversity want to be supportive. Maybe you don’t even know how and where to start. Let us tell you, you are not alone and that’s where we come in. With our digital platform, we want to inform people, inspire them, network them, support them, and promote initiatives and projects that work for more diversity. In addition, we offer financial assistance for particularly innovative ideas and thus want to encourage people to take new paths. At the same time, we also want to encourage politicians to take action.

Every step counts!

A key element in making society a better place is outreach and education. We need to understand why diversity, equity and inclusion are so important and how they can contribute to beneficial change. And we need to become aware of our own biases and privileges and learn how to change our mindsets and behaviors.

We want to challenge each and every individual to reflect on themselves and their* actions, to practice respect in everyday life and thus achieve in small ways what we strive for as a society.

We want to encourage companies and organizations to create a culture that supports and respects diversity. Companies can attract and retain talented employees by honoring their diverse experiences and perspectives. It’s key to creating a productive environment that benefits everyone. Such a workplace culture values and encourages employees’ diverse experiences and perspectives. According to a study by McKinsey, this could even reduce the predicted shortage of skilled workers in Germany by up to 50 percent.


“Diversity is a challenge that we can only overcome as one. Businesses, organizations, policymakers and individuals must work together to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and drive social change.”

We believe that the key lies in a holistic approach in which politics, business, media, educational institutions and civil society must work together. Everyone can make important contributions and intervene directly in many different systems. Our goal is therefore to initiate change not only in the political and media agenda, but also in each individual. Because whether big or small – every step, no matter how small, counts!

Start today to build a better future

At MoreDiversity, we strongly believe that a better future is possible, even if it still requires a lot of effort and patience to promote diversity and achieve equity and inclusion. We are still at the beginning. But each of us can contribute by supporting diversity and actively seeking change. No one is flawless. But everyone can learn and grow.

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