Yared Dibaba (he/him)
My principle is to create a desire for diversity; it's a matter of the heart. Desire always plays a big role, whether in food, sports, or sexuality. If we don't have the desire, it's difficult to make it work.
5th symposium of the Klischeefrei initiative
On March 1, 2024, around 400 participants and leading figures from politics and society came together at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin for the event with the motto "Clichés, Cultures, Careers: What can we learn from each other".
#DiverseVoices: Kerstin Michels (she/her)
It always seems so easy to say that you should be open about your disability and accept it. But it's also difficult and you shouldn't be too self-critical.
Dr. Iréne Y. Kilubi (she/her)
For me, diversity also means taking into account the person's respective life situation, professional background, expertise and skills. For me, diversity actually means bringing people's individuality together.
Female Leadership
Wiebke Ankersen (SHE/HER)
We need to get better at evaluating people regardless of their gender and recognizing their potential. We need to get away from these traditional role models and expectations. Only when we truly assess men and women according to their individual abilities and performance can there be equal opportunities.
Johan Filip Axenpalm (HE/HIM)
Today more than ever, diversity in the team determines a company's competitive advantage. We develop products for a global consumer. Germany has enormous potential here in the population. We now need to make smart use of it.
Only when we act we make a difference - how our personal commitment drives change in our society
Jian Omar (He/Him)
I realized early on that society doesn't move forward on its own, it's everyone's contribution that counts.
About diverse and diversity role models
Why representation is so important!
Teddy Tewelde (He/Him)
My main goal is to instill optimism and hope in my students and give them space to explore new horizons.
Why MoreDiversity
Diversity is a term that has been used more and more frequently lately. But what does diversity actually mean, why is it so important and how can it be implemented? If these questions are on your mind, you've come to the right place!
Rolf Schrömgens
Rolf Schrömgens (he/him)
We need to make the power centers, especially the boards of directors, more holistic.
Are you still tolerating or already respecting?
Why you should embrace the unknown.
The key to an inclusive and tolerant society.
On the importance of openness in today's society.
Female Leadership
Miriam Wohlfarth (she/her)
If we can truly embrace diversity, we can do anything!
6 Principles
Each and every one of us can actively work every day to create an inclusive, more equitable and tolerant environment where all people feel valued and significant.
Dr. jur Asmaa el Idrissi (she/her)
For me, diversity is an attitude beyond the factual meaning: the attitude of accepting people as they are, valuing them in the best case, and granting them equal opportunities and participation in resources.
David Yaw Debrah (he/him)
Every child should be given the chance to reach their potential.
Lara Stothfang (she/her)
We oppose the prejudice, stigmatization and the image that the media and society paint of students in a hotspot school.
Gender Equity
Juliana Groß (no pronouns/they)
We adults need to be more reflective of ourselves and our behavior in order to provide more opportunities for children to develop, whether it's in sports or career choices.
Prof. Dr. Karim Fereidooni (he/him)
Collaboration between science and policy is essential for sustainable change.
Max Appenroth (no pronouns/he)
Non-binary people are the definition of freedom in action!