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You want to bring more diversity into the world and your environment?

We’ve put together a few opportunities for you to get involved right now and be a part of the change! Get active locally, digitally or tell us about a great diversity project!

Principles for more diversity

How to start? As an introduction, we recommend reading our 6 principles for more diversity. Here you will learn how to promote more diversity in your everyday life and in your environment.

With your donation, you support us in continuing to build MoreDiversity. With the help of the donations, we will create information materials and action campaigns, hire the first permanent team members, and develop regional and national exchange formats.

Every contribution counts.


Suggest a project.

Are you an advocate for diversity yourself or do you know an exciting story from your environment?

With our stories, we want to share positive stories from as many different areas of society and topics as possible to inspire reflection and imitation.

Whether on an individual or organizational level – every step counts.

Join the movement and help protect and expand the digital space for diversity. Share the content of people and projects that are actively working for social change towards an inclusive society and give them more voice and reach. Visit our social media account to learn how you can support our network and our mission.

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Join our team at MoreDiversity.de and actively shape our non-profit organization by volunteering.

You, your association or your company are committed to diversity and you would like to learn more about our partner program and funding opportunities? Contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Read about the MoreDiversity corporate pledge

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