5th symposium of the Klischeefrei initiative

On March 1, 2024, around 400 participants and leading figures from politics and society came together at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin for the event with the motto “Clichés, Cultures, Careers: What can we learn from each other”.

This important event provided a platform for a diverse discussion on the impact of stereotypes on career choices, cultural perceptions and social diversity.

The participants agreed that overcoming stereotypes is crucial to promoting equal opportunities and diversity. In particular, they emphasized the need to challenge prejudices in recruitment and professional life to ensure that equal rights for all people are put into practice.

German Federal Foreign Office | Phil Dera

One of the main findings of the event was the importance of diversity as an opportunity for companies and society in general. The discussions showed that a diverse workforce not only brings social benefits, but also economic ones. Investors are increasingly interested in how diversified companies are, as this increases the likelihood of better and successful performance.

In addition, the role of educational institutions and society as a whole in promoting diversity was emphasized. It was pointed out that diversity must be learned and that it is a shared responsibility to create an inclusive environment in which everyone can develop their full potential.

The event emphasized the importance of freedom from stereotypes as a tool to strengthen the resilience of our democracy. Every child should have the opportunity to grow and thrive to their full potential. Ultimately, the message was clear: we can only win if we treat each other with appreciation, respect and acceptance and work together to overcome stereotypes.

For a deeper insight into the exciting discussions and findings of the event, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e5I7iyIwYg

You can find out more about the Klischeefrei initiative in our interview with Miguel Diaz: https://morediversity.de/ambassador/miguel-diaz/

German Federal Foreign Office and Miguel Diaz | Phil Dera
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